Transformational Churches

We help EFCA Districts train their churches to multiply disciplemakers, leaders and churches for greater gospel transformation.

Our churches are filled with busy leaders. Unfortunately, busyness rarely results in transformed disciplemakers or new churches. Instead, leaders are stressed out, burnt out, or both. Working harder and doing what has always been done isn't the answer.

ReachNetwork's Transformational Churches System comes alongside districts to give them different tools for different results. We train trainers from your district to lead Church Multiplication cohorts. These cohorts equip pastors and churches to multiply disciples, leaders and churches for increased gospel transformation in your district and beyond.

Join a Cultivate Cohort

This training program will help you renew the vision of your church and help you have a transformational impact on your community.

Are you ready to become a change agent for multiplication in your district?

We're here to help!

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Glen Stevens

The Transformational Churches System is being led by Glen Stevens. He is a former EFCA pastor turned spiritual entrepreneur. He has 25 years of experience as a lead pastor in two different churches.

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