Partnering and Sending Churches

Church planting requires the support of committed and collaborative partners—and your church can join ReachNetwork in multiplying transformational churches among all people! Partnering and Sending Churches enable and equip church plants to reach new communities with the gospel.

Woodlands Church in Plover, Wisconsin, saw an opportunity to reach new people with the gospel. Find out how Crossview Church was born.

Partnering Churches

The easiest way to support church planting in the EFCA is by becoming a Partnering Church. Through your prayers and financial support, you'll have a direct impact on the sustainability of church plants in your district and across the country.

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Sending Churches

If your church is ready to commit to multiplication, we can help you take the practical next steps to plant new churches. By sharing a vision for multiplication with your community, sending people and resources, prayer and validation, Sending Churches are at the leading edge of church multiplication through ReachNetwork.

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