Planter Training

Every planter is fully prepared to be a healthy leader of a transformational and multiplying church.

One of the primary reasons planters struggle and fail is due to a lack of adequate preparation. It is our ambition that every planter and planter spouse is well prepared and trained for the journey before them.

Our training process involves a six-month small group cohort led by licensed trainers. This best-in-class training is built around 12 essential competencies necessary for the successful planting of a church.

  1. Kingdom FocusedEvaluating your motives and embracing a Kingdom-first mindset
  2. Kingdom CharacterModeling a leadership lifestyle worth imitating
  3. Missional EngagementUnderstanding the makeup of your target community and developing a missional engagement strategy
  4. Missional VisionCasting a clear and compelling vision that flows from a burden for your community
  5. Reproducible SustainabilityCreating a movement that will outlast you
  6. TeambuildingRecruiting and creating a healthy missionary team
  7. ValuesEvaluating your values and integrating them into the DNA of your church
  8. Disciple MakingBeing intentional about making disciples who make disciples
  9. Bold Faith Leading with bold faith that takes prayerful risks
  10. Systems and StructureDeveloping measurable systems and structures to support the vision
  11. Effective Contextual CommunicationCommunicating for kingdom impact
  12. Fundraising PartnershipHelping planters effectively enlist partners to fulfill their church planting vision

In addition to training, planters are paired with a licensed coach who will support them throughout their training and continue with them throughout much of their planting journey.

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Dan Moose

Dan loves to help churches open lanes for multiplication so the gospel can advance. He prays for the opportunity to train, disciple, and develop pastors who can effectively start discipleship movements. He and his wife, Cheryl, have planted three churches and a daughter church.

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