Planter Coaching

No church planter should plant alone. We believe every planter deserves a great coach on their planting journey. 

Church planting is a lonely endeavor. We're here to provide the relationships and connectivity that make ministry sustainable. That's where coaching comes in. Great coaches come alongside planters and their spouses to provide support.

The greatest need for a church planter is not information, but application. The goal of coaching is to draw out of the planter what the Spirit of God is doing in and through them. They do this by encouraging them in the gospel and helping them to apply Godly principles and consistent strategies that fit their gifts as a leader and planting context. 

Coaching for our planters begins as they engage in a six-month planter training cohort. This bi-weekly experience continues throughout the first 18-24 months of their planting journey.

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Nathan Hobert

Nathan serves as the Director of Church Plant Coaching. He is also the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Redeemer City Church (EFCA, Acts 29) in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. His greatest joys in ministry are communicating the gospel to curious and skeptical people as well as seeing followers of Christ become leaders that multiply.

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